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Hong Kong Company Formation

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Methods of Incorporation

  1. Setting up a whole new company. In this you can have your own name for registration of a company in Hong Kong.  We will do the name search, if your name is available then we will incorporate through e-registry within 2 hours.  The company KIT will be ready by the next working day.  

  2. Purchasing a ready-made company (or named shelf company) - In this you must select your company name from a given list which includes never-used shelf company names, and we buy company along with company KIT on the same day. 

Our Service - ** Included in Company kit (Green Box)

Company name search & Documents preparation Preparing the Company Articles of Association (A & A) •      Certificate of Incorporation •      Business Registration License •      Share certificate book ** •      Company chop, authorized signature stamp and common seal ** •      ** Include in Green Box with (with Statutory books inside) •      2nd year company secretarial services (Preparation of Annual Return NAR1 Only) •      2nd year register office services (Receive the Government Letters Only) •      Prepare a board minute for opening bank account (if required) •      Arrange and make an appointment for a bank account opening.

The requirements and Charges is as follows:

  1. The proposed name of Hong Kong Company.  Please provide 2 or 3 names. The company names usually end with "LIMITED". 

  2. Nature of Business: Two major activities of your company. 

  3. Directors: Minimum of one NATURAL PERSON director. There are no limits on adding additional local or foreign directors or Corporate Directors. Natural Person Directors must be above 18 years of age.

  4. Shareholders: A minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of 50 shareholders. A director and shareholder can be the same or different person. A shareholder can be an individual or corporate body. 100% foreign shareholding is allowed.

  5. Company Secretary: We will act as Company Secretary.

  6. Paid-up Capital: Minimum paid-up capital of HKD 1/-  is required. No authorized capital required and can be in any currency.

  7. Registered Office: The company must have a local office address. You may use our office address as a Registered office. 

  8. Documents Required initially: Passport copies of proposed shareholders and directors with Residential address proof. Details of the parent company (if any) such as Certificate of Incorporation, AA, M&A etc., if the shareholder is a corporate entity. 

The fees payable for Incorporation of Private Limited Company and other services are as follows:


Government Fee for incorporation of a Hong Kong company Our Fee:  Preparation of documents for company formation Company KIT (Green Box) Details as below Government Fee for Business Registration fee Provision of a Corporate Secretarial Services Provision of the registered office Provision of Mailing address Bank account opening:

KYC is done by the bank and they do not disclose the procedure. Usually takes about 1-2 weeks. If the company has a corporate shareholder, they need the parent company’s financials, business activities, website details etc.

Should you need any further you may write to me or contact me on my mobile: +852 62783481 or by Email:

Documents required for Limited Company (Private) Formation

  • PASSPORT / HONG KONG ID copy of Director(s).

  • Latest Residential address proof of Director(s).

  • PASSPORT/HONG KONG ID copy of Shareholder(s) (if not same as Director(s))

  • Latest Residential address proof of Shareholder(s) (if not same as Director(s))

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