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Hong Kong is a prolific cosmopolitan city with one of the most open economies in the world. Hong Kong’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) stands at a solid $362.721 billion (nominal, 2018), whereas the Human Development Index stands remarkably high at 0.933. Company formation and business set-up in Hong Kong is exceptionally simple.


At GEEKAYSYS, we assist you in the formation and registration of your company in Hong Kong. Owing to political stability, the rule of law, and the free flow of information, setting up a business in Hong Kong takes just a few days.

Our all-inclusive services package.


Forming your company and getting it registered can be a cumbersome and confusing process. If you have the basics of your company idea figured out, we can carry your journey forward and help you deal with the technicalities of the business and the never-ending paperwork. We assist you in your company formation journey in several ways. Our services extend beyond just taking documents. Given below are complete details of all the documents we help procure and prepare and the other services we offer:



  • Company name search

  • Complete documents preparation

  • Preparation of Company Articles of Association

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Business Registration License

  • Share certificate book

  • Authorized signature stamp and a common seal




Private companies limited by shares or a Hong Kong Private Limited Company is the most common type of company incorporated in Hong Kong. The company name you wish to register needs to necessarily end with the word ‘Limited.’


It requires the company to have at least one natural person as a Director and limits the number of shareholders of the company to 50. However, there is no limit to the number of Directors a company can have. Moreover, a Director can be an entity - an individual or a corporation.


It also requires the company to have a Company Secretary. A secretary is a senior administrative officer who ensures that the company is continuously complying with all financial and legal requirements. A company Secretary also makes sure that all business changes and decisions are implemented well in a timely and orderly fashion. This is essential since one needs to make sure that their company always has a good standing in Hong Kong.

A Company Secretary has several other responsibilities to fulfill. They need to take care of maintaining the company records. The Secretary needs to prepare and file returns to the Hong Kong Companies Registry. They are also responsible for issuing reminders of accounting deadlines and documenting routine changes.


Any Hong Kong company or Hong Kong-registered foreign company is mandatorily required to have their registered office in Hong Kong. A branch office of the company is considered under the same legal terms as the parent company. Thus, it is subject to the same legal and tax consequences as is the parent registered office.

As part of our all-inclusive package deal, we also offer the following services:


  • Acting as your company’s Company Secretary for the first year

  • Fulfilling all company secretarial services for your company

  • Preparation of Annual Return NAR1 only

  • Keeping Significant Controller Register (SCR)

  • Acting as Designated Representative.

  • 1st year register office services (Receive the Government Letters Only)

  • Prepare a board minute for opening a bank account (if required)

  • Arrange and make an appointment for bank account opening

Most important documents required

  • Incorporation form (Form NNC1 or NNC1G)

  • Articles of Association of the proposed company to be registered in Hong Kong

  • Business Registration Certificate obtained via notice to Business Registration Office (within one month of starting business for its principal office address and other business addresses too)

  • Consent to act as a First Director

  • Passport copies of proposed shareholders and directors with residential address proof

Bank account opening services

We provide services to assist you in opening a bank account registered in Hong Kong. A meeting or appointment is arranged. The bank takes your documents and other information and carries out the process of KYC. This procedure is not disclosed to the public, however. It takes about a week or two to get verified.

Documents required to open a bank account


  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate (BRC)

  • Copy of NAR or NNC1

  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA)

  • Copy of the Articles of Association (AOA)


In case you choose to have a corporate shareholder instead of a natural person, you will need to submit the following additional documents.


  • Parent company’s financial

  • Parent company’s business activities

  • Parent company’s website details

Company formation Fees payable for 1st year

We charge a one time fee for the following services. All figures are in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars).

  • Government fees for the incorporation of a Hong Kong company - 1,720

  • Company KIT (Green Box) - 700

  • Preparation of documents for company formation - 2,550

We charge a yearly fee for the following services. All figures are in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars).

  • Government fee for business registration                   -   250

  • Provision of a mailing address or a business address - 2,500

  • Provision of company secretarial services                 - 1,500

  • Provision of registered office                                    - 1,500

  • Disbursement charges (printing, stamp duty, courier, traveling) - 280

Total for 1st year - HKD 11,000.

Fees payable for 2nd year


The following government fee needs to be given in the 2nd year. All figures are in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars).


  • Government fee for business registration                       - 250

  • Government fee for Companies Registry Annual Renewal - 105

We charge the given fee for the following services. All figures are in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars).

  • Provision of company secretarial services     - 1,500

  • Provision of registered office                        - 1,500

  • Disbursement charges (printing, stamp duty, courier, traveling) - 245

Total for 2nd year - HKD 8,100.

Accounting services

Our services

Accounting and Bookkeeping services in Hong Kong

Difference among Company registration, business registration and trademark registration

Gee Kay Systems & Accounting Limited is a Kowloon (Hong Kong) based company that was founded in the year 1999. The entity is running very smoothly with the capable guidance of its Director- Mr. Kannan Krishnan.

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