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BVI Company Formation

“Known internationally for its multiple benefits, this jurisdiction has adopted measures to introduce equitable and open fiscal systems favourable to all those interested in developing successful businesses. BVI Business Companies are therefore a sound and cost-effective choice that can be used to manage bank accounts, fixed-term deposits, real estate and any other financial or commercial property. They are also an excellent choice to market or promote products and services.

Our company Formation in BVI service includes the following services / Documents preparation


  • Name Search

  • Appointment of Director(s)

  • Preparation of Consent to Act as Director

  • Act as Founder Member for online registration

  • Share allotment to Shareholder(s)

  • Share transfer (incase of shelf company or online registration)

  • Preparation of Articles of Association

  • Company Chop / Rubber Stamp (Round)

  • Company Chop / Rubber Stamp (Round)

  • Company metal Seal / Common Seal (optional)

  • Minutes book

  • Share Certificate book


Registered Office provision – British Virgin Island (BVI)


Recommend suitable bank for Cash and Trade Accounts **


** Bank account opening is based on the basis of director’s Business background, Experience, Purpose of bank account in Hong Kong. Will be decided by the bank officer at the time of interview with director(s)


HK$                  6,500.00

US$                      880.00

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