Taking good care of the foundation of your business in Hong Kong with business support services at Geekaysys

The formation of a company in Hong Kong would require considerable support from local sources. If you are planning on establishing a company in Hong Kong, then Geekaysys could help you with Business Support Services that are spread across a wide spectrum.

A detailed insight into our different support services would be helpful for you to understand how we can be the catalyst for the efficient management and sustainability of your business. Company formation, accounts and bookkeeping, services for registering the company address and trademark of the organization are some of the areas in which we can provide the required support for your business.

Accounting services:

The foremost requirement for companies in Hong Kong from Business Support Services is an accounting. A new company requires basic support for managing their finances and the relevant documentation. Every company needs to maintain precise and correct business records to reduce costs for compliance and audit as well as improved capabilities in financial planning as well as decision making.

According to the provisions outlined in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every organization needs to follow the Financial Reporting Standards Framework (HKFRS) and maintain appropriate records and documentation of accounts that comply with statutory precedents every year.


​Services for registering a business’ identity:

Our business support services are also effective for registering the official address and trademark of business in Hong Kong. We also assist with company secretarial services that can help in maintaining the compliance of all operations of your company with the legal requirements and legislation that are presented in Hong Kong.

The requirement for registering the official address of a company is validated on the grounds of the need to keep the company accessible to all forms of correspondence. The trademark registration of the company would also be an effective area in which we can help you by creating a unique identity for your business. The expertise of our local team and contacts in the local professional networks help in facilitating these support services effectively.

Opening a bank account for business:

We also provide business support services for an opening bank account in Hong Kong for your business. It is an evident fact that every business needs a bank account to conduct any form of operations. Previously, the process to open a bank account was considerably simple. However, regulatory changes have made it difficult to do so in the present times.

The primary causes for the complexity of processes to open a bank account include the global initiatives against money laundering, financing for terrorists, and tax evasion. Bank regulators have implemented various precedents that have improved the identification of customers and due diligence measures as well as higher fines and penalties for violations.

Our long term association with different banks in Hong Kong for serving our clients enables us to provide hassle-free bank account opening services. The transparency and comprehensiveness of our personnel help our clients to understand the process and our capabilities effectively.

Ensuring due diligence:

Finally, we make sure that the business of our clients is formed with appropriate due diligence measures that form the basis of a company’s formation. Another crucial factor that we can claim to be our forte in providing support for establishing a business in Hong Kong is our commitment to all-round development and growth of our clients. Therefore, we don’t just give one-off support services- our services are there with you throughout your time in the Hong Kong market. Trust us!

Call us for more information on our different support services for business formation, management, and growth in Hong Kong!


Gee Kay Systems & Accounting Limited is a Kowloon (Hong Kong) based company that was founded in the year 1999. The entity is running very smoothly with the capable guidance of its Director- Mr. Kannan Krishnan.

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