Business Support Services

Hong Kong provides unmatched benefits to individuals and businesses to leverage the DTAA treaties, tax benefits and more. But, it requires customized solutions to achieve financial prudence.
GEEKAYSYS with its expert solutions is your trusted partner in enabling International Business, Wealth Planning & Asset Protection and International Fund Operations.

  • Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China and enjoys a unique relationship with it and hence is an easy gateway into China and its over 500 million consumers.
  • Exempt from Capital Gains Tax, Withholding Tax, Interest Income and Dividend Income taxes.
  • Favorable benefits of Double Tax Avoidance Treaties with China as well as other countries like Netherlands, Austria, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, New Zealand and UK.
  • Territorial tax regime, which exempts offshore income from Tax.
  • GEEKAYSYS has a team of professionals who are multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and are an eclectic mix of Chartered Accountants and Financial services professionals.

Business Processes Support Services

Establish sales / purchase contract:
Covers the interactions between buyer and seller in establishing the sales contract (or purchase order), which is the basis for the subsequent trade related interactions.

Apply and obtain insurance coverage:
Covers the interactions between buyer / seller and insurance company in establishing the insurance coverage for the execution and fulfillment of the sales contract. The trade terms in the sales contract determine the responsibility for initiating the insurance
coverage and the corresponding cost.

Letter of Credit (L/C) application and processing (for documentary credit only):
Covers the interactions between buyer / seller and banks for L/C application and processing when trade payment is settled through documentary credit arrangement.

Prepare goods for delivery:
an internal process for the seller to prepare the goods for delivery which also produces critical commercial documents including commercial invoice, packing list, and bill of exchange etc.

Apply and obtain license / certificate / permit and submit notification for both exportation and importation:
The process is applicable when the goods to be exported or imported are subject to control under the legislation of the Government. Appropriate export or import licenses / certificates/ permits must be obtained from relevant government departments before any exportation or importation can take place.

Present and verify trade documents for financial settlement:
Covers the interactions between buyer / seller and banks for processing the LC settlement. This process is only applicable when trade payment is settled through documentary credit.

Submit trade declaration:
the submission process of the trade declaration from exporter or importer to the Census and Statistics Department within 14 days after exportation or importation.

Payment and receipt management (for the provision of trade and logistics services):
the invoicing, payment processing and confirmation process for settling the provision of trade and logistics service charges including insurance premium, inspection services, freight charges, transportation charges, etc.